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Wedding Centerpiece- DIY Paper Flower Arrangement

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DIY Paper Flower Arrangement. Budget Wedding Ideas.
A strip of photos showing the simple steps needed to make a DIY Wedding Centerpiece on a budget, using paper flowers, fake flowers, and other accessories. The text on the top says, "DIY paper flower centerpiece by Abbi Kirsten."
If your a bride on a budget then DIY centerpieces will no doubt be your best friend! These easy paper flower centerpieces require no special arranging skills and can be used for weddings, showers, parties, or even home decor. 
Next to a bundle of faux paper flowers, Abbi Kirsten's hand holds a styrofoam Floracraft cube used in the DIY wedding centerpiece.

Supplies Needed for the DIY Paper Flower Wedding Centerpiece

A view of some of the supplies needed from above. The items include paper flowers, a rhinestone ribbon, ribbon spools, and rhinestone sticker designs.
I chose to use my Dahlia, Ansley rose, ranunculus, and hydrangeas templates. Videos are included with each download to teach you how to build each flower.
And check out how easy it is to stem a paper flower here!
Alright moving on. Once you have at least 12-14 flowers made you can move on to getting the base ready. 

How to Make a DIY Paper Flower Wedding Centerpiece

Abbi's fingers are seen carefully wrapping a floral block with wide satin ribbon while it rests on a white table. This is the base for the DIY wedding centerpiece craft.

Step 1: Wrap the Foam Cube

I used some cream satin ribbon I had on hand to cover the block, but I would also recommend buying a yard of fabric and basically “wrapping” the foam block like you would a gift. Probably would look a little nicer. 
Abbi Kirsten's hand wraps rhinestone ribbon around the center of ribbon covered floral block to add a sparkle to the DIY wedding centerpiece craft.
I added on thinner ribbon in a zig zag pattern and then wrapped my rhinestone ribbon around the center. Find great prices on rhinestone ribbon here!
On a white wood table lays a cube wrapped in satin and rhinestone ribbons, with stemmed paper flowers above it.


Step 2: Add the Stemmed Paper Flowers

Starting with your largest flowers in the middle, slowly add the flowers by pressing the stems down into the foam block as far as you want. 
Using 18 gauge wire is best so it does bend easily on you when pushing into the foam. And try to avoid moving them around to many times. 
Dahlia, Ansley rose, ranunculus, and hydrangea stemmed paper flowers, made using Abbi Kirsten's templates, lay on a white wooden table.
Get a feel for how your flowers are coming together and spread them as evenly as possible. 
Blooming paper flowers have been added to the ribbon-wrapped floral cube, while additional stemmed paper flowers lay on the right, ready to be part of the wedding centerpiece arrangement.
Once you get all  your flowers placed in where you like you will probably notice small gaps between flowers. This is where greenery becomes your best friend. Use as little or as much as you need to fill out the arrangement to look round and full. 
A bird's eye view of the stemmed paper flower DIY wedding centerpiece showing pale and pink paper flowers arranged in a full, gorgeous display.
My centerpiece ended up being about 10 inches high and 11 inches wide. Great for any event. And I added a little place card which can be made with a couple flowers and folding a 4×6 inch piece of card stock in half. 
The finished DIY paper flower DIY wedding centerpiece is shown in an angle on top of a white wood table. The rhinestone ribbon faces outward and the paper flowers are in a beautiful arrangement above. A small yellow paper flower with paper greenery sits at the side of the centerpiece, holding the nametag to be used on the dinner table. The tag reads, "Abigail."

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