Small Paper Rose Craft Tutorial: Classic Rose Annabelle Style

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Follow this easy step by step paper rose tutorial. Create your own paper rose flowers for bouquets, arrangements and wreathes. SVG cut files and PDF printables included!

Today I am sharing with you a brand new paper rose tutorial! This is the first rose tutorial that I am exclusively using metallic paper cardstock. I absolutely love the shine it gives to a flower.

This new Annabelle rose is a real beauty and I am approaching the building method a little bit different than my other small flowers. In fact, this small rose design follows more a giant paper rose structure.

Below is the list of supplies you will need and a full picture tutorial. Or scroll down and watch the full video!


DIY paper rose templates in SVG, PDF printables.

Or check out all the craft and flower freebie files in my resource library here!

How to make small paper roses
  1. To get started cut out 8 petal layers.
  2. You can also distress the edges of the rose with some pink or red ink to add some extra dimension and color. This is optional of course.
  3. Fold 2 of the 5 petal points around each other so that they are hugging and secure with glue.
  4. Fold up the remaining 3 and secure with glue also.
  5. For the rest of the 7 petal layers you need to curl all the petal points inwards with your wood dowel.
DIY small paper roses

6. Place the first bud center on top of one of the curled petal layers with the curl side down. Glue it to the center.

7. Repeat the steps by folding each point up and securing with glue. Try to pinch the paper a bit to leave some space between the folds.

8. At this point you should have repeated this once more and have used 3 of your 8 petal layers.

how to make a stemmed paper rose

9. Using your 18 gauge wire, fashion a small circle at the top.

10. Glue this circle to the base of the rose bud as shown. Be generous with your glue and hold till dry.

11. For the 4 of the 5 last petals thread them up the wire and secure with a bit of glue on the underside of the flower by punching a hole through the center with your wire. Make sure your curled side is up

12. When you get to the 8th petal layer thread it up the stem so that the curl side is now facing down and secure with glue.

13. If desired, glue some greenery to the underside as well.

14. Enjoy your roses! Be sure to watch the full video tutorial below to see how it is all done step by step!

Small blooming paper rose craft and tutorial. Download your SVG and PDF flower templates.

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Annabelle Video Tutorial

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DIY classic paper rose tutorial. Paper rose SVG cut files and PDF printables to create your own!

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