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DIY Coffee Gift Card Holder With Cricut: Free Gift Card Holder SVG Files

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Red and green Christmas coffee gift card holder craft. Use your Cricut to make these coffee cup card holders. Download the free SVG cut files.

Gift cards tally into the millions each year during the holidays. Gift cards are popular because you can give a gift without worrying about your recipient’s taste, size, or other personal preferences. But giving gift cards can also feel a little impersonal. As a Cricut crafter, I always look for a way to add custom and personal details to any gift. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make an easy DIY gift card holder, which is the perfect way to add a handmade touch to any cash gift.

This gift card holder designs feature a coffee cup and latte with whip cream on top. These designs can be made in other colors to reflect more than just the Fall and Christmas seasons. I’ll be using my Cricut machine in this tutorial, and you can download both of my gift card holder templates below for free!

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Pumpkin spice latte with whip cream gift card holder made using a Cricut machine. Download the free SVG cut files.

Supplies For Making DIY Gift Cards With Cricut

Download The Free Gift Card Holder SVG Files

Find both of these coffee gift card holder SVG files inside the Abbi Kirsten Craft Vault below!

If you are not yet a member, sign up via the form below, and I’ll send you an email to set up your free account. If you are already a member, log in and search the keywords “gift card” or designs #647 and #648 at the top search bar!

DIY Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder Video Tutorial

Below watch my full step-by-step video tutorial for these holiday gift card holders. They are super easy to assemble and quick to make! You may also love my teacher appreciation gift card holders as well.

DIY Gift Card Holder Picture Tutorial

First, download the free gift card holders above in the AKC Freebie Vault. Once saved, navigate to Cricut Design Space to upload the SVG cut file. Learn how to upload SVG files here. Choose your cardstock colors and load each corresponding color onto your Cricut mat as prompted. I used the glitter cardstock setting and medium cardstock setting in Design Space.

Image shows the gift card holder being assembled with bearly art glue.
Making the red and green Christmas gift card holder.

Once all the gift card template pieces have been cut out, layer the top details with glue. I like to use Bearly Art glue.

Applying 3D foam strip tape for paper crafts.

To create the pocket for the gift card to slide in an out of, add the 3D foam strip tape around the bottom and sides. Use a weeding tool to pull off the back of the tape.

Coffee mug holder in red and green.

Line up the top and base piece, pressing firming so the tape grabs. Add your gift card to the remaining whip cream cut-out and slide it into the gift card holder. That’s it! Both the latte cup and coffee mug holder are created the same way!

Before you cut out your layers, you can always mirror the bottom piece in Design Space and have Cricut write a personal message on the back for your recipient! See how I set things up in Cricut Design Space to write on my gift card holders.

Dress up your gift cards with a DIY gift card holder. Use your Cricut to make these coffee cup card holders. Download the free SVG cut files.

Would you make these DIY gift card holders for Christmas this year? Gift cards are ideal for co-workers and friends, but with this personal touch, your recipient will feel the love you put into their gift.

What other gift card holder ideas do you have? Tell me in the comments!

Free pumpkin spice SVG gift card holder. Use your Cricut to make these coffee cup card holders. Download the free SVG cut files.

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