Giant Crepe Paper Flower Newborn Nest

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FREE giant crepe flower template

Giant Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial – Newborn Baby Photo Prop

Having a newborn baby is such a special time. Often we want to grab some precious pictures in those early days. For a long time, I have wanted to make a tutorial for a giant crepe paper flower that can be used as a newborn nest photo prop! When my niece was born recently, it prompted this project!

Today I will also be providing a free template for you to create this exact flower below, as well as the full step-by-step video tutorial below on building this giant crepe paper flower for your baby to snuggle in.

Supplies for Giant Crepe Paper Flower Newborn Photo Prop

How to make your own newborn flower nest photo prop with crepe paper.

Usually, all my projects revolve around my beloved Cricut machine. However, I do not use my cutting machine for this project, since these are large petals and cutting these crepe petals by hand is way faster than loading each sheet onto a mat for every petal.

Everyone’s petal count will vary. I used roughly 60 XL petals and 50 large petals for the flower you are seeing here. The crepe paper I used is from Cartefini, and it took an entire roll to make this giant peony photo prop. You may want to have two rolls on hand, just in case, though.

Download the FREE Giant Crepe Flower Template

Grab this FREE newborn nest petal template inside the Freebie VaultIf you are not yet a member, sign up via the form below. If you are already a member, log into the Freebie Vault and search the keyword “newborn” at the top to find and download the template! Need help entering the Vault? Watch this video here!

After you gather your supplies, you will need to print the template out on cardstock and cut out all the petals. To make the process a little faster, I would double over my crepe paper and cut two petals at a time. I held my cardstock template on top and cut around the template as a guide. Cutting all my petals for my newborn flower photo prop took to be a couple of days. I just put on a movie in the evening and cut away!

To assemble my newborn crepe flower nest, I started on the outside of my large foam circle, which was cut from a foam poster board. From the outer edges, I gradually worked my way inward. Be sure to work on the petals overlapping for a full look. It’s far better to have too many petals than not enough.

Newborn Crepe Paper Flower Nest Tutorial

How much do you love this free giant crepe paper flower template and tutorial? I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments, and be sure to share your creation here in my Facebook group, Crafter’s and Cricut Lovers.

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How to make your own newborn flower nest photo prop with crepe paper. Step by step video tutorial and you can download the FREE giant crepe flower template

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