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DIY Crepe Paper Plumeria Flowers

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This graphic consists of three photos of crepe paper plumerias with stems and leaves at different angles. The center of the graphic is white with purple text that reads "How to make crepe paper Plumerias with stems and free SVG and PDF template." The flowers are orange, white and pink.

Summertime is in full swing and that means bright, cheerful, and tropical vibes coming your way! Today I am going to teach you how to make these beautiful crepe paper plumeria flowers. You can create these with or without stems and you will see how to do both in the video tutorial below. This plumeria tutorial is an easy small paper flower that any beginner can do!

Tropical blooms have graced the blog many times before now with my most recent hibiscus crepe flower tutorial and even several giant flower designs, like my giant hibiscus and Hawaiian bloom made with cardstock paper.

How to Make Paper Plumeria Flowers

A gorgeous close-up of orange, white and pink crepe paper plumerias with green leaves on a true-blue background. White text in the corner says "Abbi Kirsten Collections." Learn how to make these tropical plumeria Hawaiian paper flowers. You can hand cut these with the free PDF template or use the SVG cut files with your Cricut machine!

Supplies Needed For Plumeria Flowers

Download the plumeria flower templates via the freebie vault below!

Download these free templates by signing up via the form below. If you are already a member, log in and grab the plumeria flower templates in PDF printables and SVG cut files. You can also find it by searching Plumeria or design #18 at the top.

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The orange, shaded crepe paper plumeria flower sits on a bed of green leaves and a blue tabletop. You can make these papercrafts with a Cricut machine or hand-cut using the free templates included!

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Cut out your plumeria petals

I cut out 5-6 petals for this flower. Plumerias typically have 5, but you can do some with 6 for variation. You can hand-cut with scissors using the printable PDF files or use the SVG cut files with a cutting machine like the Cricut Maker, which cuts crepe paper with a rotary blade!

A colorful bunch of orange, white and pink plumeria flowers rest on green leaves on a light grey tabletop with a blue backdrop. "Abbi Kirsten Collections" is written in pink text in the lower left-hand corner. The flowers are made from delicate crepe paper and a Cricut machine.

These paper plumeria flowers are very easy to make and simplistic. Get playful with the colors and the panpastel pigments, which really make them come to life.

A portrait of a bouquet of panpastel-colored plumeria crepe paper flowers with paper green leaves. In the lower left-hand corner in pink text is "Abbi Kirsten Collections."

Once you get your petals cut out, scroll down and click play to watch the full video tutorial or keep reading for a picture tutorial of the plumeria flowers!

Paper Plumeria Flowers Video Tutorial

  1. Cut your crepe petals out on your Cricut machine or with a pair of scissors
  2. Distress the petals (optional) with distress ink or pan pastels and ink daubers
  3. Overlap all 6 plumeria petals at a 45-degree angle using hot glue.
  4. Close the circle of petals completely.
  5. Bend the tip of your 18 gauge wire into a tiny circle at the tip to act as a stopper.
  6. Slide the wire through the plumeria flower and secure it with a bit of glue at the base.
  7. Finish the base of the flower off with floral tape for a seamless transition from flower to stem.
Multiple pictures form a pictorial instruction grid on how to make small crepe paper plumeria flowers. Abbi's hands demonstrate how to shape, shade, cut, and assemble a pink plumeria with a stem. She also shows a completed white plumeria with a stem, and the final photo is a close-up of three finished plumerias with green leaves.

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A Cricut machine was used to make these three small plumeria crepe paper flowers shown in a close-up with paper leaves on a light grey table. There is a pink flower with orange shading, a white flower with orange shading, and an orange flower facing away from the camera.
plumeria paper flower templates

DIY Crepe Paper Plumeria Flowers

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Learn to make these tropical beauties with our free template! Find complete instructions to craft small plumeria flowers made with crepe paper. You can use a Cricut or cut them out by hand.


  1. Using your crepe paper, cut out the petals with scissors or your Cricut machine.
  2. (optional) Distress each petal with ink, paint, or panpastels and your sponge. 
  3. Overlap all 6 plumeria petals at a 45-degree angle, and attach them together using hot glue to create a closed petal circle
  4. Bend the tip of the 18-gauge wire to make a small circle to act as the flower base and stem. 
  5. Slide the wire through the middle plumeria flower and secure it with a bit of glue at the base.
  6. Hide the wire with floral tape at the base of the flower for a smooth transition from flower to stem.

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A multipicture graphic of the steps needed to make crepe paper plumeria flowers. Abbi's hands demonstrate cutting, shaping, and shading the flowers, as well as finished photos of plumeria bouquets on a blue background and another on a grey tabletop made of wood.

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