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Easy Fall Tree Pop-Up Handmade Greeting Card

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How to make a DIY Fall tree pop up card with Cricut

Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to take on a new creative project with your cutting machine, such as a fall greeting card. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Fall card featuring an autumn tree in warm colors. 

In this card-making tutorial, I will show you the process of crafting a stunning pop-up tree card using your Cricut machine, a scoring stylus, and some craft glue

Let’s get started on this card tutorial by reviewing our supply list, which is perfect for Thanksgiving cards and for all Fall occasions.

Supply List

DIY Fall tree pop up card with Cricut.

Download The Fall Tree Pop-Up Card Template

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How To Make A Fall Tree Pop-Up Card With Cricut Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Watch this step-by-step video that covers everything from how to make the Fall tree card to Design Space setup, or keep reading for an overview tutorial. 

Design Space Set Up

  1. Join or log into the Abbi Kirsten Craft Vault to download this Fall tree pop-up card design. 
  2. Import the fall tree pop-up card SVG file into Cricut Design Space. Read a full step-by-step tutorial on how to upload your own SVG files to Cricut.
  3. I do not recommend scaling this card down, especially with the intricate details of the leaves, but you could scale it up a little if you have a large mat like the 12 x 24-inch mat. Always scale as a group. 
  4. Ungroup the file and select the lines to change the Operation to Score – see the video for more details. 
How to set score lines in Cricut Design for a Fall tree pop up card.
  1. Select both the base and scorelines and use the Attach tool at the bottom of the Layers Panel to hold the scorelines in place. 
  2. Click on the Make It button and select the material, which, for me, is medium-weight cardstock.
    Note: for the tree leaves, you will want to choose the Cardstock For Intricate Cut Settings for best results, and smooth cardstock works best. 
  3. Load your cardstock onto the cutting mat and get each layer of the Fall card cut out. 
  4. Cricut will prompt you to load your scoring wheel or stylus for the mats that have the scorelines attached. 

Fall Tree Pop-up Card Assembly

  1. To start, grab the two yellow pieces in my case and glue them to the truck of the tree on the branches with glue. 
  2. Slide the two tree trunks together. 
  3. Use one of the H frame stoppers, fold it in half, and glue it over the base of the tree trunk to keep it from sliding apart. 
  4. Create the base by interlocking the four brown pieces together. See the video tutorial for better clarification. 
  1. Once the four base pieces are interlocked, slide them up and over the tree trunk. The four remaining grooves will fit into the tree’s base with the four matching grooves. 
  1. Fold up the tabs at the bottom of the tree trunk at a 90-degree angle. 
  2. Next, add the red leaf pieces on each side of the yellow leaves.
  1. Finally, slide on the orange leaves on each side, but start with the center slot and then work the two left and right slots around each other so it is secure. 
  1. If the base piece keeps shifting on the bottom of the tree trunk, use a couple more of the H frame base pieces to glue over the connecting points so it doesn’t come apart. Again, see the video here. 

Adding the tree to the card

  1. Grab the two inside cream-colored pieces of the card with the bench and fold them along the score lines. 
  2. Place them back-to-back and thread the folded tabs of the tree trunk through the slots of the base pieces that go inside the card.
  1. Double-check that each cream cardstock piece is on the correct side of the red card cover. Secure with glue. 
  2. Glue the whole thing into the red cover of the card with glue. 
  3. Next, add the purple bench color over the bench pop-up.
  1. Lastly, add the street lamp to the back of the bench.
  2. You can be done at this point or go on to glue some leaves around the base of the tree!

What about envelopes? 

For handmade pop-up cards, envelopes can pose a challenge at times. It is not uncommon for some edges of the pop-up elements to slightly stick out of the card. I like to use a pretty ribbon or twine to tie the card shut like a gift, then slide it into the top of my gift bag or box for the recipient to open!

You can also opt to purchase a larger envelope that may fit the card. 

More Fall Pop-Up Card Designs

Have fun making this fall tree pop-up card for this holiday season or as a Fall Halloween card. Don’t forget to download this template here, along with the entire Fall Card Pop-Up Collection. All these and more are available in the Craft Vault for Premium Members!

Fall tree pop up card design made with Cricut

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How to make a fall tree pop up card with Cricut using cardstock. Complete image collage of steps.

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