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How To Make A Valentine’s Day Gnome Candy Holder Dome Craft: SVG Files + Tutorial

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Collage of gnome candy holder crafts for Valentine's Day gifts.

Add some whimsy to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with these charming DIY gnome candy holders. Follow this fun and easy step-by-step craft tutorial to make a Valentine’s Day gnome candy holder as a last-minute gift that will make anyone smile! These cute gnome candy holders are perfect for party favors or as delightful Valentine’s Day candy holder gifts.

You can use any cutting machine, such as Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, Brother ScanNCut, or other machines that work with SVG cut files.

Cute gnome candy holder made from paper with a plastic dome to hold the candy.

Candy crafts like these make the best gifts for the classroom for kids, co-workers, and friends. Check out our Easter Candy Holder Designs for spring, too!

Supplies And Materials You’ll Need

To make this fun candy holder project, gather the following craft supplies.

  • 65-pound medium-weight cardstock. Use simple cardstock in red, pink, and purple. I recommend 12×12 Cardstock Shop for high-quality cardstock options.
  • Cutting mat
  • Bearly Art craft glue
  • 3D foam strip tape (optional)
  • Plastic dome half ornaments. I use the 8cm ones, which means the circle hole opening should be about 3.15 inches in the templates.
  • Pre-wrapped candies.

Note on sizing: If you need to adjust the size of your gnome candy holders to fit a different-sized plastic dome, you can use the extra grey circle in the SVG file to scale. The extra grey circle is the same as the inside cutout where the dome fits, giving you a size reference.
Be sure to scale everything as a group to retain proportions. Then, ungroup and check the size of the circle to see if it matches your dome size. You do not need to cut out the grey circle. It is only there for size reference of the inner circle.

Pink and purple gnome made from cardstock paper with a plastic dome ball holding candy for a Valentine's Day gift.

Access The Gnome Candy Holder Templates

You can find all the templates you need linked below, available for instant download. These templates are designed to work seamlessly with your cutting machine.

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Gnome Candy Holders: Video Tutorial

standing Gnome Candy Holders: Video Tutorial

For complete details, watch both videos above. Part 1 is our traditional gnome holders, and Part 2 is our fun-standing gnome design! Or keep reading for a step-by-step quick picture overview.

How to Make a Gnome Candy Holder Step-by-Step

Pink cardstock paper being cut on a Cricut maker machine

After you have gathered your supplies, begin by cutting out all the necessary layers from your medium-weight cardstock. Customize the colors to your liking. Use a brayer tool to ensure your material adheres securely to the cutting mat.

Is your cardstock not cutting properly? Discover 5 Easy Ways To Fix Cricut Ripping Your Cardstock.

How to assemble a plastic dome candy holder

First, you need to assemble the mechanics of your gnome candy holder. Take the cross piece with a hole and bend all four sides upward. Apply craft glue to two opposing sides, leaving the other two unglued.

How to assemble a plastic dome candy holder

Use the tiny holes for alignment purposes and glue the cross piece to the first dial piece.

How to assemble a plastic dome candy holder

Insert the unglued sides through the hole in the spinning dial piece with the tab handle.

How to assemble a plastic dome candy holder

Lay the unglued sides flat, ensuring they press down. Apply glue to the top part of these pieces, which will connect to the last layer of the gnome, forming the base of your candy holder.

Secure the last remaining dial piece with glue, aligning it properly. Ensure that the spinning dial moves freely after the glue sets.

How to assemble a plastic dome candy holder

Note: Both the standing gnome and traditional gnome candy holder are similar in design, but be sure to watch the videos above for specifics and a few variations.

How to assemble a plastic dome candy holder

Place the plastic dome on top, ensuring alignment with the opening for the candy. Trace the circle of the dome with a pencil, apply glue, press the plastic dome on, and let it dry completely before adding candy.

Layered a Valentine's Day paper gnome for a candy holder craft

Layer The Gnome SVG Design

Layer the remaining paper cutouts together using plain glue or 3D foam strip tape for added elevation, focusing on the hat and other topmost layers. I like to use 3D tape for the bigger pieces and the smaller details like the hands, mouth, and nose with glue. Blending both methods is the best way to get the look you see here.

3D layered paper gnome craft for Valentine's Day

Add the finishing touches, such as the shoes, accessories, and facial features, using glue. For the nose, consider using 3D tape to create elevation. Complete any additional details like the hearts and mouth.

3D standing gnome candy holder for Valentine's Day

For the standing gnome candy holders, apply glue along the underside and place it on top of the plastic dome. Let it dry completely before moving it – at least 30 minutes.

Boy gnome candy holder craft project for Valentine's Day. Make candy holders with your Cricut and cardstock.

Personalizing Your Gnome With Writing Fonts In Design Space

If desired, personalize the heart by using your Cricut to add a name or message.

Start by typing out a message with the text tool in Design Space. Select a font and filter by Writing Fonts. Choose a font and make sure the style is Writing Style.

How to filter by writing fonts in Cricut Design Space

Scale the font to fit within the small heart and use the Attach Tool to hold the placement of the text to the heart cut out.

How to use the Attach tool in Design Space to hold the placement of text.

Load your Cricut with the pen in Clamp A, and Cricut will draw your text, then cut the heart around it. Tape your heart to the gnome’s hand for a personalized message or name.

Cute girl gnome candy holder craft in pink and purple with chocolate candies in a plastic dome holder for Valentine's Day.

Congratulations, crafters! You’ve just created these adorable Valentine’s Day gnome candy holders that are sure to charm anyone. These versatile candy holders make fantastic party favors and gifts.

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