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3D Paper Ice Cream Template Craft: DIY Ice Cream Favor SVG

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The two picture graphic has a photo or various sizes of hexagonal paper ice cream cones. The bottom image has a flattened paper cone and paper ice cream scoop. The pink-colored middle banner says in black and white "Candy-filled Paper Ice Cream Favors! Free SVG Cur Files & Tutorial!" Use this ice cream SVG template as a candy-filled favor for kids parties and more!

After last week’s adorable rainbow paper craft boxes I decided to continue the trend with another 3D papercraft by creating these sugary ice cream template favors! These unique ice cream favor boxes, are perfect for kid’s parties or just the kid in you, are super easy to create.

I designed this template with Cricut Maker crafters in mind to take the new perforation Quickswap tip for a spin. I do include printable PDFs for those who do not own a machine as well, but you will NOT be able to do the perforation step.

If you haven’t yet considered a Cricut Maker I highly recommend it!

You will also want your favorite craft paper, liquid glue, a printer, and some yummy candies to find inside either the scoop or cones!

If you love these be sure to explore all my papercrafts on the blog and check out other freebies and designs. Plus, if you have a special request for a project, I would love for you to share it in the comments below!

3D Ice Cream Template Paper Craft

Three photos show paper ice cream cones in various sizes, and with various hexagonal ice cream scoops in brown chocolate, light pink, and teal with sprinkles. These 3D Cricut paper ice cream cones contain a hidden surprise - they are filled with rainbow candy balls!

Below are the supply resources I used to create these adorable summertime treats

Supplies For Making 3D Paper Ice Cream Cones

Download these free templates by signing up via the form below. If you are already a member, log in at the Member portal and find it by searching “Ice Cream.” Need help entering the vault? Read this helpful post on how to sign-up and use the Freebie Vault. 

In addition to the video tutorial for assembling the ice cream template, I also include a full tutorial on how to set up your templates in Design Space. If you are using a Cricut, be sure to watch part one before cutting out your templates! There are key steps when setting up your score and perforation lines. 🙂

NOTE: If you are hand-cutting you will not be able to do the perforation step. In this case, I recommend placing the candies inside the cone base and taping the cone on top for the best access to the candy easily. The recipient can pull off the ice cream scoop and reach into the cone for the candy.

Abbi Kirsten's hand hold a paper ice cream cone with metallic brown ice cream "scoops" in front of a teal backdrop with white polka dots. The secret to this Cricut paper craft is that the 3D ice cream cone holds candy!

Got those supplies? Go ahead and click play to watch the full video tutorial below!

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Ice Cream Paper Craft Tutorial: Part 1

Ice Cream Paper Craft Tutorial: Part 2

Flat ice cream cone and pink, orange and mint chocolate chip flat scoops ready to folded into a candy holder. The text reads "Free Ice Cream Cone Cut Files and Patterns."

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Hey, Crafty bestie! I’m Abbi!

Abbi Kirsten Collections. Abbi smiles in her craft room, surrounded by paper flowers and supplies organized on the wall.

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A graphic advertising Abbi Kirsten's 3D ice cream cone paper craft party favors. The top picture shows finished Cricut-cut paper ice cream cones and delicious looking paper ice cream 'scoops'. On the bottom are three paper cones with paper chocolate, mint chocolate chip and strawberry scoops. These templates are easy and you can use them as candy holders. The text is white on a brown background across the middle and states "3D Paper Ice Cream Candy Favors Free SVG Files."

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