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12 Adorable Free Valentine’s Printables for Kids and Adults

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A four-paneled graphic with four pictures of blank coloring pages, games, succulent tags and Valentine's Day cards. Download free valentine printables for kids and adults to give as easy handmade gifts for Valentine's Day.

I think that Valentine’s Day brings some of the cutest printables and crafts. If you are searching for some free valentine’s printables for kids or even as an adult, I have a great list of free printable valentine’s cards and coloring pages to enjoy!

Download Free Valentine Printables

Each of the free printables below is available inside our Freebie Vault.

Download these free printables by signing up via the form below. Enter the Vault once you set your password via the email sent to you. Then find each design by searching at the top with each design number located under each image below.

If you are already a member, log in right here and find it by searching ‘valentine’ or design number. Need help entering the Vault? Read this helpful post here. 

Each one of the printables below can be printed and cut with a pair of scissors or you can follow a Print Then Cut process and have your Cricut machine do it for you. Here is a video tutorial on how I print then cut the doggie valentines, which are featured below. You can follow the tutorial for any of the free valentine’s printables below.

Under the Sea Coloring Printable Valentine’s Cards

First, we have these under-the-sea characters such as starfish, sharks, turtles, and whales that are fun to color and gift to each valentine. You can tape candy to them or even leave these cards uncolored and gift crayons with them for a non-candy valentine card. Log into the Freebie Vault and search design #466.

Printable under the sea animal valentine coloring cards for kids. Each page is a different sea animal and Valentine's Day message. Examples include a starfish with the words "You're a star, Valentine," a shrimp with the words "You're shrimply a great friend," and a whale saying "Whale you be my Valentine?"

Doxie Valentines Printable Candy Boxes

Not only are these Valentine’s Day free printables full of cuteness for all you pet lovers, but they are perfect for filling with candies! I have various prints and doxies, as well as a version you can use with your Cricut to create a transparent window cut out to see the candy peak through!

But if you don’t have a cutting machine, don’t worry. These are super simple to cut out by hand with printable PDF files.

Download 2 of these doxie printable valentine boxes for free here, design #51.

A pink graphic with "Doxie dog paper candy boxes free printables!" written in white text above an overhead view of candy boxes decorated with dogs and hearts, surrounded by candy.

Jungle Animal Coloring Valentine’s Cards

Monkeys, giraffes, elephants, oh, my! These jungle Valentine cards are perfect for customizing with color or gift as an activity card. Get the jungle animal printables in the Vault, design #464.

Examples of printable jungle animal coloring Valentines cards for kids. The black and white coloring cards each have a Valentine's Day pun and one animal to color. Examples include a monkey saying "I love hanging out with you," and a hippo saying "I'm wild about you," and a lion saying "You are roar-some!"

Cat and Dog Printable Valentines

Who doesn’t love puppy dogs and kitty cats? Capture your love for pets with this set of 6 pet card printables. I have also included a perfect collection for coloring or opt to print then ready to be used! Get the ready-to-print and coloring version of these puppy and kitty valentine printables in the Freebie Vault, design #124.

A white, pink, orange and salmon colored graphic with the text "Free puppy Valentine's cards - free download" written at the bottom. A photo of Abbi holding a pink handmade Valentine card, with other puppy paper cards and paper red rosettes surrounding her.

Dinosaur Coloring Valentine’s Cards

If you have a little one who loves dinosaurs, these coloring cards will be the perfect valentine for them to gift. Print the free dinosaur valentines in the Freebie Vault, design #455.

Printable dinosaur valentine coloring cards for kids on a blue and sea-green backdrop. Each black and white coloring page has a dinosaur with a cute saying, such as "You are a great friend-o-saurus," I dig you Valentine," and "You're dino-mite!"

Dog Printable Valentines

These puppy dog printables are one of many puppy-related crafts on my site. If you want an extra special dog, valentine, check out my pet candy holders here!

It’s super easy to add a lollipop to these puppy printables as a fast and easy valentine’s gift. Download them here, design #452.

Funny dog valentine printable cards for kids are on a white and mint-green heart and dots background. Above these examples are the words "Printable Valentine's" with a two cartoon dogs that are featured on one of the craft cards.

iSpy Valentine Kid Activity Printable

These iSpy printables are the perfect activity worksheet for kids on Valentine’s Day. You can also print my mini iSpy cards to give as cards! Find both in the Freebie Vault, design #463.

Black and white and colored iSpy sheets with a Valentine theme adorn a pink, red, and white striped illustrated background. On a pink box at the bottom are the words "I Spy Valentine Fun Worksheet and An I Spy Valentine's Day Card for Kids."

Succulent Valentine Gift Tags

If you are a fan of succulents, you will love our printable succulent valentine’s gift tags that can adorn any gift with some funny puns. Get these succulent valentine’s printables here, design #457.

Printable succulent gift tags for Valentines Day are on a marbled tabletop, next to the line of succulent plants on the left side. These tags are great paper crafts for Valentine's Day.

Adult Coloring Printables for Valentine’s Day

These valentines coloring pages are a great printable with Valentine’s theme for those who love to color. Download the valentines coloring pages for adults in the Freebie Vault, design #470.

On a pink, blue and light blue triangle background lay four Valentine's Day coloring pages. The yellow center says "Set of 4 adult coloring pages." These intricate, fun coloring pages are a great way to tell someone how much you love them.

Sloth Coloring Valentine’s Cards

I’m not quite sure when sloths caught on or become such a cute animal to love, but I couldn’t resist including some lovable sloth coloring cards. Find these sloth valentine cards in the Freebie Vault design #465.

An overhead view of six Sloth Valentines. Each has a different Sloth drawing and a witty phrase such as "I love you slow much" and "I love hanging out with you." The text in the center of the graphic says "Cute Sloth Coloring Valentines."

Kid’s Monster Valentine Printables

Your kids are sure to love gifting these not-so-scary monster valentine printables. Download the set of 8 monster valentines by searching design #55 in the Vault!

These 8 types of colorful monster valentine's for kids are seen above a pink fabric background surrounded by red stuffed felt hearts and cut out fabric hearts.

EOS Lipbalm Valentine Printables

I love creating valentine’s printables and gifts that do not involve candy. These colorful EOS lip balm printables are a creative and unexpected way to gift some love for a friend or sweetie’s lips. Find these EOS lip balm printables in the vault #design 121

A three picture grahic showing Eos lip balm printable valentine cards of butterflies, flowers, and unicorns. The text on a green-blue block in the center reads "EOS lip balm printables" and a green-blue oval in the lower left corner reads "Free Downloads" in balck text with black arrows pointed to the Valentine cards.

Free February Planner Stickers

This printable is a bonus and not exactly valentines printable for gifting, but it’s a great addition to Valentine’s printables. Get it here in the Freebie Vault, design #469.

Valentine planner stickers for February.

You May Also Love – Premium Valentine’s Printables

In addition to all the free valentine’s printables above, there are lots more premium designs in the Abbi Kirsten Collections Member Vault! Check out a few below.

Emoji Food Pun Printable Valentines

Everyone loves a good pun card for Valentine. Download this set of 9 food emoji printable Valentines and include a special treat with them! These cute food emojis are design #467 in the Member Vault.

The black text on the pink and red graphic reads "Food Emojii Valentine's Printables." There are seven examples of white Valentines each featuring a smiling cartoon food with a cute saying. Examples include cartoon pancakes with hearts and the phrase "no one stacks up to you" and a coffee cup with the phrase "I love you a latte."

Gnome Printable Valentine Cards with Heart Chocolates

Do you know someone who loves gnomes?! Then these chocolate heart gnomes are perfect for Valentine’s gift! Get all 6 gnome valentines printables in the Member Vault design #468

White, small, gnome valentine card printables on a sea-green backdrop. Each gnome holds a candy heart and has a pun Valentine phrase like "There is gnome one like you" and "You are my one and gnomely."

Funny Emoji Valentine Printables

These cute printable emoji valentine cards are fun for kids of all ages. There are two sets of 8 in the Member Vault, design #449 and #448.

Eight white and blue emoji Valentine's Day cards on a pink striped backdrop. Each emoji has a phrase related to the image, like a heart-eyes emoji with the words "I love being your friend" and a tongue-out emoji that says "Crazy for you Valentine!"

Remember to get any of the free valentine’s printables above you will want to join the Freebie Vault below!

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"Free valentine printables" is written in the center of the four square pictures of Valentine coloring pages for kids.

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