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Bella Rose DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

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A finished Bella Rose flower, made using a Cricut machine and paper. Pencils and other craft supplies show the large size of the white craft flower.

DIY Paper Rose Tutorial

Just in time for the New Year is the Bella style rose (which can be found in my book The Art of Giant Paper Flowers). It’s elegant, timeless, and would be perfect for adding a touch of softness to your winter decor and parties. I can’t wait to share my new DIY Paper Rose Tutorial today.

This rose follows the basic method but adds in a Ruby Rose small flower design as its center. Ruby Rose can be used as a bouquet style flower but for this tutorial, it has been incorporated into the Bella style as the center.

A white desktop holds gold pens and paperclips, a white Bella Rose paper flower, and Abbi Kirsten's book "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers."

Let’s get started, shall we? (FULL Video Tutorial Below)

Bella Rose DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

Five stacks of white paper petals are on a table ready to be made into a giant DIY paper Bella Rose flower.



Step 1
Cut the following number of petals.

  • Extra large petal (first layer) – 7-8
  • Large petal (second layer) – 7-8
  • Medium petal (third layer) – 6-7
  • Small petal (fourth layer) – 6-7
  • Ruby Center – 4
  • 1 3-4 inch circle
Stacks of white paper petals of different sizes sit on a white backdrop, ready to assemble using this DIY paper rose tutorial.

Step 2

To start on our DIY paper rose tutorial, cut 2 in slits at the bottom of all the petals and overlap slightly. Curl the extra large and large petals backward. Next, curl the medium petals one side backward and one side inwards and curl the small petals inwards.

The first layer of large petals has been glued to the base creating a white swirl. This is one step in the DIY paper rose tutorial.

Step 3
Build your first layer as in the basic method.  Overlap each petal at a 45 degree angle until all 7 or 8 of your extra large petals meet together.

Large paper petals arranged in a circle form the bottom layer of a paper Bella Rose.

Step 4
Add your circle over the back. You can also cut a small square.

Each of the bottom layers of a giant papercraft Bella rose are added step by step in this four picture collage.

Step 5, 6 & 7
Add in the second, third and fourth layers of petals.

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Abbi Kirsten shows how to curl the edges of the three-pointed petals using a wooden dowel and a firm touch.

Step 8
Using the thin wood dowel, curl each of the Ruby rose petals around the dowel, like you’re rolling up paper.

Abbi Kirsten gently adds one three-pointed white paper petal to the center of another one to begin making the Bella rose center bud.

Step 9
Next, layer the Ruby petals together. Add your first two layers together, one on top of the other. Be sure to alternate the petals. Don’t directly stack them. Continue with the last two Ruby petal layers, curling the last two cuts tighter so the rose comes together as if blooming.

The center of the Bella Rose giant paper flower is made as Abbi Kirsten adds a petal layer rolled into a tight cylinder to the center of the three-pointed petals.

Pro Tip: If you do not have a thin wood dowel, a spare glue stick works perfect in a pinch when rolling these small flowers

The finished center bud of the  Bella Rose is finished as demonstrated in this DIY paper flower tutorial

Step 10
You should have a Ruby rose center that looks something like this. Now just glue it into the center of the Bella rose, and you are finished!

The hypnotic, swirling center of the giant paper Bella Rose white flower.

After the holidays, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down and doing some DIY when there is no hustle & bustle required. These Bella Roses bring so much beauty and softness to any space. I can’t wait to hear how much joy it brings your way!

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Bella Rose DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Looking for a timeless and elegant decoration option? Use this tutorial to make these large paper Bella roses. These easy and fun papercraft flowers can dress up any event. 


Prepare the Petals 

Cut the following number of petals:

  • (7 - 8) Extra large petals (first layer)
  • (7 - 8) Large petal (second layer) 
  • (6 - 7) Medium petal (third layer) 
  • (6 - 7) Small petal (fourth layer) 
  • (4) Rose center petals
  • (1) 3” - 4” circle

Cut Slits

  • Cut 2-inch slits, starting at the bottom edge of the petals. 
  • Slightly overlap the left and right edges of the slit and glue them together. 

Curl the Petals

  • Extra large petals: curl the edges of the petal tops backward.
  • Large petals: curl the edges of the petal tops backward. 
  • Medium petals: curl one petal top backward and the other petal top inward. 
  • Small petals: curl the petal tops inward. 

Building the Flower Layers

  • Glue each extra large petal to each other in a circle pattern. Overlap each petal at a 45° angle. 
  • Glue the circle over the back of this layer. 
  • Add in the second, third, and fourth layers of petals in the same manner as the first.

Assembling the Rose Center 

  • Curl the remaining 3-pointed petals inward using the dowel, like you are rolling up paper. 
  • Glue one petal into another petal. Be sure to rotate the second layer so the petals are alternating. 
  • Do the same with the last two 3-pointed petal layers, except curl the petals into a tighter cylinder. 
  • Glue the center into the base layers. 

Congrats! You have created a large Bella Rose paper flower you can use for any event or holiday decor. Be sure to check out all my paper flower tutorials.

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