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Candy-Filled Easter Bunny Craft: Free Easter Bunny Template

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The top pictures shows completed white candy-filled papercraft Easter Bunnies on a light blue background. The bottom photo has Abbi's hand holding a finished Easter Bunny craft, with two others one a light green background surrounded by flowers. The text in the  middle reads "Easy Kid's Easter Bunny Craft + Free PDF and SVG Templates."

Easter is the first season of the year where you get to break into those bright vibrant colors! Every year I add new easy Easter crafts to the blog. Today’s project is an Easter bunny craft perfect for easy easter crafts for kids to make or to gift! I’m including free printable Easter bunny templates and SVG cut files to use with your Cricut or cutting machine.

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Five white paper 2D bunnies lay on a light-blue background. Each bunny has a plastic dome of candy and a fluffy white cotton tail. You can make these Easter Bunny candy holders too!

Candy Filled Easter Bunny Craft Supplies:

A full video tutorial is included below for instructions to make our candy Easter bunny craft but first, let’s go over supplies you will need in addition to the Easter bunny templates.

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Download This Free Easter Bunny Template

Download these free Easter bunny templates by signing up via the form below. If you are already a member, then login to the Member site and find it by typing in the keyword “bunny” or searching Design #47.

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How to Make an Easy Easter Bunny Craft with Candy

The first step will be to get your bunnies cut out on your Cricut machine using the free Easter bunny SVG cut files.

For those using a Cricut or other cutting machine, scale your bunny to 6.5 inches high by 3.8 inches wide or your preferred size. Don’t go too small, though, or you won’t be able to add very many M&Ms.

If you are hand-cutting, go ahead and use the pre-sized PDF files. This craft is an easy enough Easter craft for kids to make with a little help from adults.

Abbi's hand holds one candy filled Easter Bunny craft. Two more, filled with pastel candy, lay on a light green backdrop surrounded by yellow, orange and white spring flowers. Free templates included!

Candy-Filled Easter Bunny Craft Video Tutorial

The full video tutorial above will show you how to assemble this Candy-Filled Easter Bunny Craft. Keep reading for a picture tutorial overview.

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A nine-picture grid tutorial shows Abbi creating the candy-filled Easter Bunny in step-by-step close-up detail on a bright pink self-healing craft mat.
  1. Cut out your free Easter bunny templates. These templates include a front and back to your bunny plus two circles which are to be cut out in cellophane.
  2. Bring the two cellophane circles together and add scotch tape around the edges. It’s a good idea to be generous and overlap the tape. Be sure to leave a little space open to add your candy.
  3. Once you have added in the candy, close the cellophane complete with tape. Trim around the tape carefully to eliminate jagged edges.
  4. Place your bag of candy on top of the Easter bunny template silhouette piece, and add a few dots of hot glue to the base to hold the candy bag in place.
  5. Add the second Easter bunny template piece with the circle cut out on the top over the candy bag, and secure it with hot glue.
  6. Use a pompom to complete your bunny with a little fluffy tail. You can also cut out tiny paper bows to dress up your bunny even more!

How cute is this kid-friendly, easy Easter bunny craft?! I’d love to see how you used the Easter bunny templates. Join my Facebook group to show off your work!

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Candy-Filled Easter Bunny Craft_ Free Easter Bunny Template cover

Candy-Filled Easter Bunny Craft: Free Easter Bunny Template

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

This kid-friendly papercraft creates adorable candy-filled Easter Bunnies with fluffy white tails. You can use a Cricut cutting machine or scissors with my free PDF and SVG templates.


  1. Cut out your free Easter Bunny templates. Each bunny needs a front and a back in white cardstock
  2. Cut out the two cellophane circles. 
  3. Place the two circles of cellophane together using scotch tape around the edges, leaving a small opening to add your candy. Overlap the scotch tape to ensure the circles stay together.  
  4. Add the candy to the cellophane pouch and close the opening with tape. Trim jagged edges. 
  5. Add hot glue to the Easter Bunny cutout without the hole where the candy bag will be placed.
  6. Add the cellophane bag of candy to the glue dots. 
  7. Add the second Easter Bunny with the hole over the bag of candy. Use dots of hot glue to hold the top bunny to the bottom bunny. 
  8. Add the pompom under the candy bag to mimic a bunny's fluffy tail. 
  9. Optional: You can add a little bowtie or other embellishments to your finished Easter Bunny. 
  10. Enjoy making these cute, kid-friendly craft Easter Bunnies!

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A two picture advertisement for candy filled Easter Bunny craft. The top photo is a blue background with three finished bunnies and the words "Easter Bunny Treat Craft + Free SVG Cut File" in white text. The second photo show two finished white candy filled bunnies on a light green background.

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  1. Hi,
    These are so cute and original! Thank you for the freebie and all the others in the library!

  2. Veronica Shortland says:

    I can’t figure out where to download the candy rabbit .svg file.

  3. LOVE this so much! Just made one 10″ w x 19″ tall. One trick, I did not have any cellophane, but plastic page protectors work very well, even using the Cricut. Do wish there were pink cutouts for the ears and maybe a face as well. But overall, it’s so adorable. Thank you!