DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers- How to make a flower wall.

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How to make giant paper dahlias. Paper flower templates. DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers: How to Make Large Paper Dahlias

DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers

These giant Dahlia Paper Flowers are so incredibly beautiful once made. I had fun creating an ombre effect by using different shades of cardstock paper.  What’s better is these dahlia paper wallflowers are beginner-proof and kid-friendly!

 I share my dahlia paper flower tutorial and template in my book, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers. And because I love you all so much I am gifting the PDF printables and SVG cut files today for free!

It may surprise you that the large dahlia paper flowers templates are made using just some specially sized circles and squares. Because the templates are so simple these dahlia paper flowers are easy for those cutting by hand with scissors.  

If you are looking for more large paper flower wallflowers for your home or party decor, check out all my flower tutorials here.

DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers: How to Make Large Paper Dahlias

Supplies for Making Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers

Download You Free Large Dahlia Flower Templates

Download these free paper flower templates by signing up via the form below. But if you are already a member, log in right here and find it by searching Dahlia or Design #24 in the search bar at the top. Need help entering the vault? Read this helpful post here. 

Cut Out Your Paper Dahlia Petals

As I mentioned above the giant dahlia paper flowers are made from 2 basic geometric shapes—a large 8-inch circle for the base and several 4.5 inches and 4-inch squares rolled into a cone shape. Start with cutting out 40 of the 4.5-inch squares and 15 of the 4-inch squares. It’s important to note that the final count of squares used may vary for everyone.

Shaping Your Dahlia Petals into Cones

To form a cone, hold the square with one corner up and overlap the bottom, securing with your hot glue.    

The 8-inch circle will be your base for gluing the cones to. If you want a variety of sizes of dahlia paper flowers you can do this by increasing or decreasing the circle base and adding or subtracting cones.  

If you are aiming for the ombre effect choose 4-6 shades of one color to use progressively as you work towards the center. I used 5 shades of pink and then white for the center for the dahlia flower.

Beginning with your larger cones made from the 4.5-inch squares, glue the tips to the outer edge of the circle all the way around. Make sure to leave about a 1/2 inch or so of space between each cone as you go.  

Next, continue adding more cones to your dahlia paper flowers. Place the cones in the spaces we left between the first layer of petals we glued down.

DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers: How to Make Large Paper Dahlias

You would have moved on to your 4-inch cones now. Continue the pattern and keep filling in more of the dahlia petals.  

Once you get down to the last dozen or so of the cones, they will naturally bend at the tip when you glue them down. This is what you want so that the final look is a tight dahlia center. You may need to grab a thin wood dowel or pencil to press the tip down and ensure it makes good contact in the center with the glue.    

DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers: How to Make Large Paper Dahlias

Once you have glued in your final petals your dahlia paper flowers should look something like the image above. Additionally, I have created a full video tutorial below as well for more visual details! How would you use these dahlia paper wallflowers? Share with me in the comments!  

Giant Dahlia Paper Wall Flowers Video Tutorial

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DIY Giant Paper Dahlia Flowers. Flower Wall Backdrop.

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  1. Loving this tutorial and cannot wait to make some giant dahlias for baby girl’s nursery! I am just wondering (and maybe I missed it somewhere, in which case I apologize) roughly what size is the finished flower? Thank you!

    1. The biggest one measures about 14-15 inches across. 🙂 Enjoy making them for your littles nursery!

    1. I would make the base about 7-8 inches and then you can use just the smaller squares for the petal cones. 🙂

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