How To Make Personalized Photo Keychains With Cricut For Unique Custom Gifts

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Make personalized DIY photo keychains. Learn to make a keychain with Cricut as a special photo gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day!

Have you ever wished to have a personalized photo keychain to carry with you? Maybe you have seen these unique key rings online from sites that offer to create custom keychains as gifts. But as a crafter, we love to make one-of-a-kind gifts by hand. So when I had the idea to make photo keychains with Cricut, I knew they would make the perfect solution to carrying your favorite photos anywhere on your key ring. While I do recommend having a cutting machine to make these personalized leather photo keychains, the templates can be cut with both the Cricut Maker or Explore models.

Make personalized DIY photo keychains. Use your Cricut to make a special photo gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts!

Whether you are looking for a special photo gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, these custom photo keychains are fun and easy to make. The photo keychains can be personalized even more by typing out a short message to add to the inside of the keychain, which I will show you in the video tutorial below.

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How To Create A Photo Album Keychain

In this tutorial, I use faux leather and glitter canvas as the primary material for my photo keychain. I will show you how to add iron-on heat transfer vinyl to the back side of your faux leather or canvas for a finishing framed touch. Additionally, I will also teach you how to do back-to-back paper-thin faux leather or canvas if you wish to have it matching on both sides.

Because we are making these photo keychains with our Cricut machine, our customizable options are much greater than if we had to order them from a manufactured website online. Instead, we can choose the exact color and texture of materials to add those unique personal touches that our recipient will love!

To get your pictures on, you will need a printer and some transfer paper for dark fabric. I like the Nufun brand for image transfers.

Cutting faux leather with Cricut

Supply list for mini Keychain album with Cricut

Let’s review the full material list for our DIY leather photo keychain albums below.

Download the photo keychain template

These adorable photo keychain templates can be downloaded in the AKC Member Vault! If you are not yet a Premium Member, you can join and start downloading all the premium and free designs in Abbi’s collection! Join the Member Vault or sign in below. Once inside, search the keyword “keychain” or design #527 to find this design!

Photo album keychain with cricut

DIY Faux Leather Photo Keychain Gift With Cricut Video Tutorial

In the video above, I will show you everything step by step, including how to set things up in Design Space using Pattern Fills and your favorite photo to make this unique gift.

DIY faux leather photo keychain with cricut
how to insert pattern fills into cricut design space

Design Space Prep

  1. To get started on your custom photo keychain, download the keychain template from the AKC Member Vault (design #527).
  2. Upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space. Learn how to upload SVG cut files here.
  3. Insert your photos using the Pattern Fill option. You will first need to turn all four squares into the Print Then Cut operation before inserting your Pattern Fills. Watch the video here to learn how to upload a Pattern Fill to Cricut Design Space.
  4. Using the text tool, type out a short special note or phrase. You can also use one of our phrases included with the keychain photo album template!
How to cut faux leather with Cricut

Cut The Template

  1. Cut out your faux leather or glitter canvas. If your material is thick, I recommend using painter’s tape to hold down the edges. And the purple, strong grip mat is recommended.
  2. Next, cut out the iron-on vinyl. Even if you do not opt to use the iron-on vinyl for the picture frame layer, you will still need to cut the phrase and words from heat transfer vinyl – don’t forget to mirror!
  3. Lastly, have your Cricut Print Then Cut the photos. I use the Nufun photo transfer paper and print thorough design space, then have my Cricut cut the square images out. If you’re new to Print Then Cut check out this in-depth post here! And if you are searching for a printer that delivers high-quality printing results, check out my suggestions here.
DIY photo keychain holder with cricut

Assemble The Project

  1. Heat your EasyPress Mini (medium setting) or full-size EasyPress (270 for 25 seconds).
  2. Peel off the backing of the photo paper and place each photo in its proper spot. Be sure to use the same layout as you set up in Design Space. Most of us will choose to add family member photos, but you could totally do one with your fur babies too!
  3. Press the photo transfer paper on for 15 seconds.
  4. Next, add the finishing frame piece. If you opt to use faux leather as the frame for your keychain, you will need a little fabric glue to add around the edges. Otherwise, using the iron-on vinyl as your frame piece will get pressed for 25 seconds. Be sure to only cool peel! Watch how I do it here in the video.
Punching holes in faux leather for snaps and keychains

Punch Holes For the Snaps

  1. Now it’s time to punch our holes. Using a leather punch, add two holes, one for the loop where the key ring will go and one to close the photo album. It is super important that you ensure the blank side where our message goes is the bottom snap while the photo area is the outermost top snap.
  2. Once you have punched your holes, add your phrases that were cut in HTV onto the blank area and the back if desired.
  3. Finally, secure the snaps by following these instructions shown here and add on the key ring. Your custom keychain is finished!

The final result of our keychain shape was a square that looked like a little envelope making it a cute and special gift. I am brainstorming some other ideas, too, for more faux leather keychain templates.

Photo keychain with Cricut for Father's Day

What do you think of these personalized photo keychains with Cricut? Our photo print keychains serve as a perfect gift for the holidays or special occasions like father’s day or mother’s day and are great birthday gifts too!

Easy DIY photo album keychains with Cricut, faux leather and iron-on vinyl. Personalized photo keychain perfect for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts!

Cricut Earrings Made Easy

Do you enjoy working with faux leather on your Cricut? Or maybe you are struggling and need an expert to guide you! My friend, Amy Romeu, is the queen of making earrings with your Cricut! She has so many great hacks and tips when working with faux leather. Check out her Cricut Earrings Made Easy workshop here. You will be blown away by the knowledge and insight Amy has packed into her workshop!

Amy Romeu's Cricut Earrings Made Easy Workshop

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