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Dreambox Craft Room Storage Cabinet Review – Is a Dreambox Right For You?

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Dreambox craft storage cabinet review. Is a Dreambox worth it?

I am so excited to get and share my journey with a Dreambox craft storage cabinet! Let’s be honest here. A Dreambox is a big investment – especially for those who are purely hobbyists. But as crafters, we are always searching for the best craft storage ideas. Today I am going to share with you my opinion of the Dreambox, how I organized my Dreambox, 7 reasons why I believe the Dreambox is worth it, and finally give all my fellow Dreambox owners free SVG tote cover templates and craft supply labels to enjoy!

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Abbi Kirsten posing in from of a Dreambox storage cabinet with brightly colored totes.

I did receive this DreamBox from Create Room as a generous gift. However, I never post anything on my site unless I truly love it. I received NO additional compensation for writing this post or creating my DreamBox videos. I have since purchased more storage items from them, like the DreamCart, because I love Create Room’s products for my crafting needs.

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Craft Storage Ideas – Dreambox Cabinet

To fully understand my craft organization journey you can take a look a the different phases my current craft space has gone through here. As you can see it already has evolved a few times as my craft storage needs have grown. As my business and craft stash has grown so have my storage needs. I am constantly reorganizing, trying to find the space I need to fit a new piece of equipment or make room for the 10,000th sheet of paper!

Dreambox storage cabinet review

Dreambox Tour and Review – Craft Storage For Small Spaces

I want you to watch my review here where I give the pros and cons of a Dreambox. Then keep reading for more insight!

Dreambox Assembly – Quick Look

I also made a quick-look video here following our process of assembling the Dreambox. Be sure to watch the video above for an in-depth review!

Dreambox Craft Storage Cabinet Pros and Cons – An Honest Review

So, let’s have a pack-punch of honesty here. Is the Dreambox craft storage cabinet really worth it?

Well, first, everyone is different, so I can’t give you a copy-and-paste result, nor would I want to – I promised to be honest, remember? I can, however, give you 7 reasons why I believe a Dreambox storage cabinet is worth the investment and, furthermore, WHO the Dreambox will best serve.

Many of my reasons are things that are universal to all crafters – whether you are a painter, love to crochet, favor crafts made with Cricut, or prefer a little of everything, take note of these points carefully when considering the Dreambox for yourself!

I will also chat about the cons of a Dreambox so you are confident that this is the right choice for you!

The best craft storage ideas. Pros and cons of buying a Dreambox storage cabinet.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Dreambox Craft Storage Cabinet

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of buying a Dreambox. There are a lot more pros than cons, but let’s start with the downs and go up from there!

Everything you need to know about owning a Dreambox Craft Storage Cabinet! Learn the pros and cons, size and cost of owning a Dreambox plus other craft storage ideas!

Dreambox Cons and Drawbacks

  1. The cost. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. Purchasing a Dreambox is a rather hefty investment. I was very happy to see Create Room offer payment plans to make owning a Dreambox more feasible for a variety of crafters. The average Dreambox will cost about $3,000. If you wish to add more tables, additional totes, or other accessories then the price will increase from there. (You can save with my code ABBIKIRSTEN).
  2. The Dreambox is big. That’s a good thing, too, but you do need to have at least 8 ft x 4 feet of clear space to open a Dreambox (if you fully expand the swig doors, you will need 9 ft of space). When the Dreambox is closed, it makes the space much tidier, but because it holds so much, the cabinet is quite deep, so it does protrude from the wall quite a bit.
  3. It takes time to assemble and figure out your organization. I could have received this pre-assembled, but I wanted to see what it was like for someone who didn’t want to pay the $500 assembly fee. It took us two days to put the Dreambox together. We worked on it for probably 4-5 hours each of those two days. On a positive note, the instructions are good, and the parts are all clearly labeled – so big props to Create Room for that!

Alright, so you survived the list of cons let’s talk about the pros and all the things I love about the Dreambox. Then, I want to give my opinion on who would be the best fit for purchasing a Dreambox.

Cricut craft cutting machine on an open Dreambox table with rainbow colored totes.

More Craft Storage Ideas

Home storage doesn’t stop here! Get all my craft storage ideas and home organizational tips with these trending posts!

Free Dreambox Tote Covers and Craft Room Labels

Before I go any further, be sure to grab my Dreambox tote cover SVG files and my craft room labels! Pop your name and email in below, and I will send them to you! Already a subscriber? Log into the Craft Vault here and find them by searching the keyword ‘Dreambox’ or design #511.

7 Reasons Why The DreamBox Craft Storage Cabinet Is Worth It

In short, yes. I do feel investing in a Dreambox is worth the expense, IF you are someone who has been crafting for a long time, collected a stash, and needs a better storage system, then there is a very good chance you will fall in love with the Dreambox, too.

Here are 7 reasons why I feel the Dreambox is worth the investment. Evaluate each of these for yourself.

Craft vinyl storage with a Dreambox craft storage cabinet.

You will save space

Owning a Dreambox saves loads of space. I was really skeptical about this point at first. My craft is room a bit narrow. I worried that it would feel more cramped. But it gave me back so much storage space in ways I didn’t know I needed until I transitioned to the Dreambox. I ended up ditching 2 other cabinets and a bookcase that couldn’t hold half of what I needed them to, plus relieved half a closet of supplies! The plastic container totes held so much! I loaded it up with 300 rolls of vinyl, fabric, dozens of glitter canvas sheets, camera equipment, my Cricut machine, other equipment, and much more. While the Dreambox is deep, I do think those looking for craft storage for small spaces makes the Dreambox a great solution.

You will save money

Yes, I said SAVE money. Why?

Let me ask you have you ever bought a craft supply or item that you knew you already had but couldn’t find it? Yeah, me too. The hard truth is the lack of my organizational methods was stealing my money when I needed an item but couldn’t find what I already had. In the long run, staying organized saves you money! Soo long story short if you have to run to the craft store for things you can find and end up walking out these extra items, what if you turned that money into the payment plan for a Dreambox instead?

Rainbow colored Dreambox craft storage cabinet

You will feel inspired and more efficient

I feel inspired by the organization. You should too. Looking at your craft space should spark your creativity. If you feel drained and scattered when trying to create, you probably aren’t going to be efficient or make your best work. Looking at this photo of my perfectly organized ready-to-use Dreambox inspires so many ideas! I love how pretty the Dreambox looks when organized, it even makes a great background if you are someone who filmed videos!

Abbi Kirsten posing in front of a rainbow colored Dreambox.

You can clean up in a snap

Dreamboxes open and close like magic! If you are working in a small space or maybe you have a room that doubles as a craft and guest room a Dreambox can be super-efficient in cleaning the space up in a snap. Dreambox is essentially a big space saver for crafters and provides an all-in-one solution instead of many different storage units.

You can customize your craft storage needs

Until I put together my own Dreambox I was ignorant of the fact that you could completely customize the layout of the storage! Dreambox containers are called totes. These totes and shelves rest on plastic peg sliders that can be adjusted by height and the number you wish to use. In other words, if you are a paper and vinyl lover like me you may favor having all the largest totes stocked in the Dreambox so you can store the maximum amount of paper or vinyl. For someone who knits they may prefer to have more shelving instead to stack their yarn.

Beautiful Dreambox storage ideas

You will be forced to evaluate

Do you hoard craft supplies? How about saving this or that because you think you’ll find a use for it one day but you’ve been pushing it around in the back of your closet for 2 years. I’ve done it too, no judgment here! Organizing a Dreambox means you need to really decide what’s worth keeping and what’s not.

You will have more time to create

Trying to find what you need in your craft room without a proper storage system is a time suck. Whether you are a hobbyist or someone who owns a craft business, we want to have the most time possible to create – not waste it digging through supplies we cannot find. I’ve made several crafts now with Dreambox as my storage solution and I am pleased to say I can always find what I need quickly with my new organization solution!

Cricut craft storage ideas.

Who is the best fit for A Dreambox Craft Storage?

A Dreambox is a big investment. Let’s talk about who is the best fit to own a Dreambox.

  • The lifelong hobbyist – if you have been crafting for years and need a better storage solution, this investment may serve you well.
  • The professional crafter – A Dreambox investment is ideal for business owners, craft bloggers, Etsy shop creators, and influencers. Business owners get tons of use out of owning a Dreambox, and because you’re a business you can write it off on taxes too!

If you are someone who is not committed to regular crafting or owns a creative business I would recommend rethinking the investment. And as with anything always be wise with your money and never get in over your head with debt.

Whether you are someone who is ready to up their craft space game or is looking for a craft storage solution for small spaces, a Dreambox is a great option to consider!

Craft storage ideas. A complete Dreambox storage cabinet review.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Dreambox

Is the Dreambox hard to assemble?

The Dreambox is not hard to assemble; it just takes time. Have a friend or your spouse help you assemble it, and take your time. I found the instructions and pieces labeled very clearly.

How much is a Dreambox cabinet?

A basic Dreambox without extra add-ons will be a minimum of $3000. If you plan to add other items, such as tables and accessories, you may want to plan on closer to $4000. Create Room does offer payment plans to help make owning a Dreambox more feasible! Be sure to use my code for extra savings ABBIKIRSTEN

Does the Dreambox hold a lot of supplies?

YES! I was shocked at how much the Dreambox holds. Currently, my Dreambox has over 300 rolls of vinyl, 100 pieces of glitter canvas/faux leather, 20 fat quarters of fabric, 10 ribbon spools, 100 Cricut pens, 35 rolls of Infusible Ink, a drawer full of card inserts for the Joy, a Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, Cricut Mug Press, 3 hot glue guns/sticks, epoxy, glitter, mod podge and other glues/tapes, 16 plastic jars full of beads, washi tape, etc and many other odds and ends with 4 drawers still empty!

How big is the Dreambox storage cabinet?

When closed, the Dreambox is 6 feet high by 3.1 feet wide and 2 feet 10 inches deep, when the Dreambox is open 6 feet high by 9 feet wide and 4 ft deep.

How long does it take for a Dreambox to ship?

On average, plan on 4-8 weeks before your Dreambox will ship.

Are Dreambox craft storage alternatives worth it?

When I was doing my own research, I noticed how high the search results were for Dreambox alternatives. As with anything else, do your own research. I loved this comparison chart here from Create Room, where they provide side-by-side comparisons for one of their competitors. I also want to note that Create Room offers other products that are great for crafters that won’t run you $3000-$4000. Check out their Sewing Station, Cubby and Dreamcart!

Is a Dreambox storage cabinet worth it? The pros and cons of a Dreambox and other craft storage ideas.

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  1. Lori Berry says:

    Thank you for your review, comments & suggestions! Perfect. A lot of reviews I saw suggested the DreamBox company may be a scam but you’ve convinced me it’s worth looking into. I have a question & your knowledge could help me to make the right decision for me! I have about 20 years worth of family photos I need to organize, write details, etc. I need an organization setup that will allow me to organize those pics first before I begin to make the albums. Sure, I could go the easy route & orders books from places like Shutterly etc. but I love to create (or at least I think I do and want to have something fun to keep my brain active). Would you suggest the DreamBox knowing all the various totes (containers 🙂 that are available for my situation?

    1. Hi Lori!

      What an amazing project to take on! Personally I think your project sounds like a perfect fit for a DreamBox. The kind of crafting you will be doing and even storing/organizing your family photos will be much easier with a DreamBox cabinet. There are all kinds of “tote” sizes, aka containers, from big to small so you will have plenty of variety! Plus I do love that you can change the configuration of the DreamBox to suit your needs. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for your detailed discussion on the Dreambox with your suggestions and ideas. I would love to own one someday.

    Being in Australia do you have a distribution outlet over here. I imagine it would be a great deal dearer.
    Thank you, Abbi.