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Giant Paper Sunflower Tutorial – Paper Flower SVG and PDF Printable Templates

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Three large paper yellow sunflowers viewed from above. Green leaves and Monarch butterflies adorn the flowers on a white and light gray wooden table.

Paper Sunflower Tutorial: How to Make Classic Giant Paper Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the most beloved blooms! I captured a giant paper sunflower once, years ago with a rosette-inspired center. I decided it was time to reinvent the large sunflower with a new and improved center that was more true-to-life like a sunflower in nature!

If you love this giant paper sunflower, be sure to check out my small sunflower template design perfect for bouquets and arrangements!

This paper sunflower tutorial will make you feel bright and cheery in no time. Here are some fun ways you can use these big bright blooms or any giant paper flowers!

Abbi holds a giant yellow paper sunflower against her green shirt.  She is in her craft room with black and white polka dotted walls and shelves of craft supplies.

Here are the supplies you will need/want to create these giant paper sunflowers!

Supplies for Giant Paper Sunflowers

Three yellow, giant paper sunflowers decorate a light blue table. Paper sunflowers make great background art for any room.

Cutting Machine Users

For those of you using a Cricut machine or similar cutting machine, the templates are pre-sized for you. If you are new to Cricut, check out this post on how to upload SVG cut files!

Cutting by Hand

This sunflower template can absolutely be cut by hand with just scissors! The petals are very easy to cut out. Now for the center, I want to show you an alternative faster than trying to cut the PDF center printable.

Essentially the center is just a long fringe strip, so I recommend cutting 11 inches by 1.5-inch strips of paper and then using fringe scissors to add the same effect! Here’s a photo of what this would look like!

Abbi demonstrates how to use fringe scissors to cut a brown strip of cardstock to make the sunflower center.

Cut out your petals

You will have 4 petal sizes for the sunflower petals plus the sunflower center pieces. To get started on your paper sunflower tutorial cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out.

  • XL sunflower petals – 10
  • Large sunflower petals – 10
  • Medium sunflower petals – 10
  • Small sunflower petals – 10
  • Fringe center pieces- 25-30
This overhead view of Abbi's white marbled craft surface shows the supplies needed to make a giant yellow sunflower. A completed sunflower is in the upper right corner and the petals and center cutouts are stacked on the left.

Assembling Your Giant Paper Sunflowers

Next begins assembly for your paper flower! Follow the steps below for written instructions or scroll down to watch the full video tutorial.

A nine grid step-by-step photo tutorial on how to create giant yellow paper sunflowers. The first picture shows Abbi applying glue to a petal and progresses as she glues petals around a yellow circle base.
  1. Once you have the petals cut out, you will need cut 1.5-2 inch slits at the bottom center of each petal and slightly overlap each one.
  2. Next, curl the petal backward using the thin wood dowel or a pencil. I prep all my petals the same way. You can vary the direction you curl the petals for a more natural sunflower look.
  3. Starting with the XL petals place one petal on each side of the 10-sided base. When you get to the last petal tuck the final side under the starting petal for a seamless look.
  4. Continue you with your large petals adding each one in between the XL petals which is known as alternating your petals. Again, tuck the final petal under the beginning large petal for a seamless look.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have used all the petals through extra small to complete the giant paper sunflower.
Giant yellow sunflowers with green leaves adorn a white and black polka dot wall with shelves holding colorful craft supplies like paint and pompoms.

Making Your Giant Paper Sunflower Center

  1. Cut out your fringe template on a Cricut machine. If you do not own a cutting machine then use fringe scissors as shown above.
  2. Begin rolling the fringe center pieces like you would be rolling up a cinnamon roll. Repeat until you have added all 30 pieces for a full center for you giant paper sunflower.
  3. Use your thumb to fluff and fan out the center. Then complete your large sunflower by gluing in the center!

To see the full assembly process click here to watch the video or scroll down and hit play! If you have questions after watching the video leave me a comment below!

Paper Sunflower Video Tutorial

I loved creating these giant paper sunflowers. Whatcha think? How would you use this paper sunflower tutorial? Tell me below!

A closeup of brown centers of two giant large paper sunflowers with butterflies. You can learn how to make these giant flowers.

Looking for Paper Butterflies?!

I have created several butterfly templates plus an amazing tutorial on how to add iron-on glitter vinyl to dress them up! Find the butterfly templates and tutorial here!

Paper Monarch butterflies are delicately placed on faux greenery to  make a wonderful table decoration.
Giant Paper Sunflower Tutorial – Paper Flower SVG and PDF Printable Templates Cover Image

How To Make Giant Paper Sunflowers

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to make these bright and cheery giant paper sunflowers that will bring some sunshine to any room.


Step 1: Cut out the petals.  

There are four petal sizes for the giant paper sunflower template in addition to the center part designs.  Cut out the following petals: 

  • XL sunflower petals – 10
  • Large sunflower petals – 10
  • Medium sunflower petals – 10
  • Small sunflower petals – 10
  • Fringe center parts- 25-30

Step 2: Cut slits.

  • Cut small 1.5" to 2” slits at the bottom of each petal. 

Step 3:  Shape the petals.

  • Curl the petals backward using the wood dowel or a pencil.  

Step 4: Assemble the sunflower. 

  • Glue the XL petals on each side of the 10-sided base. Tuck the last petal’s side under the starting petals facing side. 
  • Glue the large petals around the base above and between the XL petal layers. 
  • Repeat with each descending paper petal size. 

Step 5: Make the giant paper sunflower center.

  • Cut out the center piece using a Cricut cutting machine or fringe scissors
  • Roll the center pieces from one end to the other. 
  • Repeat with all 30 pieces.
  • Using your thumb, fluff and fan out the center. 
  • Glue the center to the center of the sunflower. 

Enjoy your beautiful bright bloom! 

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Abbi holds one of her giant yellow paper sunflowers in her craft room. The text says "Giant Paper Sunflower Tutorial by Abbi Kirsten."

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Nine photos of the large paper sunflower assembly appear below a blue graphic with a finished giant paper sunflower and the words "DIY Giant Paper Sunflower."

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