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Paper Flower Design Ideas

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A close-up of a bride holding a full bouquet of realistic paper flowers in front of her at waist level. The text reads, "Learn to DIY this paper wedding bouquet."

If you have checked into my blog lately you will notice I did a 2 part video tutorial on building a paper flower wedding bouquet.
I wanted to re-share this knowledge again, well, okay I actually wanted to share the pretty photos my hubby took for me. And can you tell I love my bokeh shapes filter?
A close-up of a bride holding a paper flower bouquet at waist height. The flowers are pink, gold and white, and have paper greenery as well.
You can view my original posts here:
I get asked a lot about different ways to use paper floral, well honestly you can use in just about anyway you would with real flowers!
Below I have listed just a few ideas of how to use paper flowers in event decorating…
A large paper flower bouquet fills the foreground, while the bride holding the flowers is further back.
A four-panelled collage of a bride holding a paper bouquet at various angles. The text in the top photo says, "Download paper flower templates." Learn how to make paper flowers with these easy paper flower tutorials.
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  1. Longwell Kort says:

    We just got married at this place and it was amazing! I used paper flowers in a bouquet like this and loved them!

  2. Thank you for the bouquet tutorial. Where can I find the templates you used? Thanks!