12 Days of Free Christmas Crafts: DIY Projects for the Holidays

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Free Christmas craft DIY projects and templates.

Free Christmas Crafts for the Holidays

This year I decided to open up a free 12 days of Christmas craft project series for all my readers! Over the last few years I have accumulated some projects and this year I have produced 8 new ones.

A lot of these projects have some pretty fabulous printables and SVG cut files, which are all free to you when you join the series!

Yes, totally free, templates and all. This is one of my holiday gifts to you!

For the last 10 days I have been creating Christmas content and crafts like crazy to do this FREE 12 days of Christmas Crafts email series for you.

Starting today you can opt in to receive 12 days of Christmas craft templates, projects and inspirations straight to your inbox from me, totally free! All Christmas themed, all fabulous!

About 2/3 of the crafts in this series are brand new this year! The other 1/3 are my most viral Christmas craft posts of all time rounded up for your convenience.

Free Christmas craft templates

What Crafts are Included? 

So how do you feel about waking up each day and looking forward to some holiday inspiration waiting on you in your inbox?

Here a sneak peak at some of the projects you will see. If there is a template needed for a project, then it is included in each email!

Here is a quick break down of what you will receive!

  • Day 1: 3D paper stars with template
  • Day 2: DIY snowglobe candy mason jars
  • Day 3: Paper paper pine trees decor with template
  • Day 4: Lighted paper poinsettia garland with template
  • Day 5: 3D paper ornaments with templates
  • Day 6: Giant paper gift bows
  • Day 7: Silver and gold paper bulbs
  • Day 8: Gold jeweled deer decor
  • Day 9: Rudolph poinsettia free svg
  • Day 10: Tinsel tree letters
  • Day 11: Printable gift wrap and tags with printable
  • Day 12: Giant boughs of paper holly with template
  • Plus one very special announcement and exclusive offer at the end!
Free chrismas craft projects and templates

Get your Free Christmas Crafts Here

I even have a super secret announcement about next Christmas at the end of the series that I have not shared with anyone yet, except family!

Sounds cool huh? So if receiving 12 days of Christmas craft virtual festivities sounds like a good plan then click right here to enter your email and start receiving them!

Have a question about the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts? Take a look below!

Q: Do I have to pay for the templates to make these projects?

A: NOPE! While I might point you towards some fun upgrade options, know that there are free templates (if required for the project) for you in each email. In other words, this will not cost you anything (except supplies you might need). All you have to do is sign up right here!

Q: Do I have to have special software?

A: There are 1 or 2 crafts that a machine is definitely recommended, however a majority of them come with PDF printables to use with scissors and some do not require any templates at all!

Q: Are there instructions for each project?

A: You bet. Picture tutorials and some even have video tutorials included!

Q: How often will I receive an email and for how long?

A: You will get 1 email each day starting from the day you sign up. The email series is a total of 12 days!

Q: What if I don’t want to get the emails anymore but want to stay on your main newsletter?

A: Well you’d be missing out on some awesome holiday crafts, but you always have the option to unsubscribe at anytime in each email at the very bottom. You will still remain on my main newsletter but the Christmas cheer will stop landing in your inbox daily.

Q: What if I don’t have time to make the craft each day?

A: No worries. I fully do not expect you to make one each day. The projects will stay available to you, and in each email there is always a Pin it button to add the idea to your Pinterest boards to easily keep track of it!

Q: Sounds great?! Where can I sign up to start receiving my free 12 Days of Christmas Crafts?


I really hope this brightens your holiday season! I plan to start doing more free mini email series in 2019. 

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a crafty new year!

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