21 Easy Paper Flowers – The Best Flower Templates for Beginners

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The best paper flower tutorials for beginners. Use these paper flower templates with your cutting machine or cut by hand with scissors!

Paper art has been trending for many years now; in fact, I have built almost an entire blog around paper crafts! Without a doubt, the most sought-after papercraft is paper flowers. Thousands of new crafters come to Abbi Kirsten Collections to discover easy paper flowers that are fabulous for special events, showers, wedding decor, nursery wall art, or even home decor in general.

Often I receive messages from beginners who want to know which flowers are the easiest to take on whether they are under a time crunch or just need to gain confidence in simpler design first.

Today I am going to share with you my top 21 easiest paper flowers for beginners. Before we get there let me point you to my best resources for cardstock that I use to make my paper florals. Visit this full paper flower cardstock guide here!

Cardstock paper for crafts

How much paper do you need for making paper flowers?

Many of my crafters will ask me how much paper they need to make flowers. I don’t have a master list because there are so many variables that can change the amount of paper needed. Things like are they using 12 x 12 or 8.5×11? A cutting machine or printing? Etc. So instead I give an estimate based on what I use so they have an idea of how much to buy. 🙂

For Giant Paper Flowers

These are loose estimates so the paper amount will vary slightly for everyone when making large paper flowers.

  • 16-17 sheets of 8.5 x 11 cardstock for an XL flower. (rose designs may take more, up to 19-22 sheets)
  • 10-11 sheets when downsizing to a large flower  (rose designs may take more, up to 12-14 sheets)
  • 5-6 when you downsize to a medium  (rose designs may take more, up to 8-10 sheets)
  • 3-4 when you downsize to a small  (rose designs may take more, up to 5-7 sheets)

For Small Paper Flowers

Generally, only 1-2 sheets of 8.5 x 11-inch cardstock for most of my small flower designs. If the flower requires more than 1 color paper then this may change to 2-4 sheets of cardstock per small flower. There are only a few exceptions to this such as my Autumn Sunburst Dahlia which is slightly larger in size and takes about 6 sheets of cardstock.

Easy Paper Flowers – Small Designs

First, let’s discover what traditional styles and small designs are best for newbies. There are a few freebies below, but if you are looking to really get creative, be sure to download my ebook, The Joy of Paper Flowers for 24+ small flower tutorials, and arrangements!

Find the link to download any of the following designs and tutorials below each image.

1. Billy Button

2. Paper Orchids

3. Rolled Paper Rosettes

4. Paper Hydrangeas

5. Ruby Rose Flowers

6. Crepe Paper Plumeria Flowers

7. Paper Flower Succulents

8. Hanging Paper Wisteria

9. Paper Poppies

10. Paper Daisy Flowers

11. Carnation Paper Flowers

Easy Paper Flowers – Large Designs

Moving on to giant and large style flower designs, these are ideal for wall decor and backdrops that make a big statement at a special event like a wedding, shower, or party.

There are several free options included below, but if you want to take things to the next level, let me encourage you to download a copy of my ebook, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers! I have sold this book more than 10,000+ times since 2016, and I know you will love it!

1. Priscilla Style – Giant Flower

2. Poppies – Giant Flower

3. Cami Rose – Giant Flower

4. Ombre Dahlia Wall Flower

5. Emma Dahlia

6. Giant Hibiscus Flower

7. Eden Rose

8. Everly Style – Giant Flower

9. Giant Hawaiian Flowers

10. Large Chrysanthemum Flowers

Which of the flowers above were your favorite? Which one will you try first?! I would love to know – leave me a comment below!

Check out the templates in my Freebie Vault!

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Easy paper flowers for beginners. DIY flower templates for cutting machine or cutting by hand with scissors.

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