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Faux Rhinestones With Cricut Sparkle Holographic Iron-on Vinyl

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Create faux rhinestones on shirts, totes and signs with Cricut holographic sparkle iron-on vinyl. The best tips for holographic iron-on.

Today we are talking all about Cricut holographic vinyl! For years I avoided holographic vinyl. As much as I love using a rainbow of color in my crafts, I felt like holographic was too much for me as an adult (though my daughter sure loves it!). I recently received a few requests from crafters in the Abbi Kirsten Collections community about creating a faux rhinestone design with holographic sparkle vinyl. In other words, you can bedazzle without hot fixing rhinestones! Now that is an idea I can get on board with, so I decided it was time to create a faux rhinestone holographic sparkle iron-on vinyl tutorial!

Faux rhinestones with holographic iron-on vinyl decorate pillows, tote bags and framed art. Also pictures are holographic vinyl rolls all on a blue background.

For this approach, I only used heat transfer vinyl because I didn’t want to have to mess with trying to transfer the rhinestone effect into a piece of transfer tape which I knew would take extra patience! This method is also known as holographic sparkle iron-on mosaic circles.

Instead, I used heat transfer vinyl, which stays on its own carrier sheet, with my Cricut Easypress, resulting in a much easier approach with the full eye-catching wonder effect!

Red, white and blue holographic iron-on vinyl with faux rhinestone July 4th designs on pillows, tote bags, signs and shirts. Cricut holographic vinyl can be used for so many holiday crafts!

Let’s talk about the supplies you will need for this holographic sparkle faux rhinestone project. First, you will need to choose the right design for this rhinestone effect. I am providing several July 4th SVG cut files for free that had been created with this rhinestone method in mind. Also, check out the rhinestone files in Cricut Design Space!

Cricut design space rhinestone designs for Access subscribers
'Merica sign with red white and blue sunglasses using Cricut holographic sparkle iron-on vinyl

Supply List for Cricut Holographic Vinyl Rhinestone Effect

Abbi's hand holds the bottom corner of an American flag with holographic sparkle iron-on vinyl on a pillow case.

Download the Free Faux Rhinestone July 4th SVG Cut Files

The first thing to do is download the free July 4th SVG files. Enter your name and email below to create a free account in the AKC Freebie Vault. Once logged in, search the keyword “rhinestone” at the top to find these designs. Download the free SVG files and then upload them to Cricut Design Space.

Need help entering the Vault to get your freebies? Read this helpful Freebie Vault guide here! There are also loads of other summer-themed freebies you will adore, and you can learn more about how to be an AKC Premium Member, too!

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A cream-colored tote bag and rolls of gold, blue, red, and silver iron-on vinyl lay on a blue background. The text on the white tote bag reads "Home of the free because of the brave" in holographic sparkle iron-on from an  SVG design.

How to Create Faux Rhinestones With Cricut Holographic HTV

Click play on my hologram HTV vinyl video below to watch how I turn holographic sparkle iron-on into eye-catching creations! Below are some quick tips for the best results when working with holographic material.

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Holographic Iron-on Tips

  1. Do not scale your design too small, or weeding will be very difficult. The SVG files are considered intricate designs with the small circles creating the rhinestone effect. If you are unsure, perform a test cut first.
  2. Don’t forget to mirror your design before cutting out the holographic decal.
  3. Also, place the holographic iron-on material shiny side down, so the liner and pretty side are face down.
  4. If you struggle with vinyl, check out my Best Vinyl Hacks Every Crafter Should Know.
  5. In most cases, an average time and temp setting for holographic heat transfer vinyl is 30 seconds at 330 degrees.
  6. Always cool peel (also known as cold peel), which means letting your blank and vinyl cool all the way down before trying to remove the liner.
  7. When layering the designs place the largest cut down first. After you peel the liner, save it and add the next layer, but before pressing, place the larger liner as the top layer to protect the first piece from direct heat.
Two July 4th pillows with iron-on sparkle holographic vinyl sit on a light blue background. One pillow has an American flag design, and the other has a firework with the word "America" bursting in the foreground.

Now you may be wondering if you can use the rhinestone effect as a Cricut holographic vinyl decal with regular adhesive vinyl. While the answer is yes, you will have to transfer the design onto transfer tape, which can require some extra patience. This process can also be tried with glitter vinyl or glitter HTV if you do not wish to use the iridescent vinyl or iron-on.

Find more of my favorite materials for Cricut here!

Rhinestone Dot Fonts To Make Your Own Designs

For those who want to make their own holographic sparkle iron-on mosaic circles, check out some of my favorite rhinestone fonts!

Learn how to install your own fonts here and how to access them in Design Space!

A faux rhinestone American flag made with holographic sparkle iron-on vinyl. on the pocket of a white t-shirt. The design is surrounded by rolls of Cricut holographic heat transfer vinyl.

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Can’t get enough of holographic? Create holographic stickers with this printable paper and my sticker tutorial here!

How would you use this faux rhinestone HTV tutorial? Would you try making holographic sparkle iron-on mosaic circles? I think this type of craft would be great for seasonal crafts like at Christmas! I am already thinking about some ideas! What other special occasions would you use this technique for? And what different color schemes would you use? Tell me below in the comments!

More 4th of July Patriotic SVG Designs For Cricut

A graphic shows a close-up of Abbi holding a white pillow decorated with an American flag made with Cricut holographic heat transfer vinyl. It makes the flag look like it is made with rhinestones. The text reads "How to make faux rhinestones with holographic HTV."

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  1. Abby, what a great idea! I never thought of using vinyl instead of rhinestones. I’d definitely like more designs. Thank you for the video!

    1. You are so welcome! I’m working on some fun ideas for future projects for you!

  2. Lesley McGowan says:

    Love love love the holographic. I love a bit of bling, my grandaughters will be delighted………

    1. Thank you! The holographic vinyl is so much fun to use!