Under the Sea Mermaid Paradise Birthday Party

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Mermaid Paradise Party

You are going to have everything you need to create you own mermaid paradise birthday party by the end of this post!

This party will make your mermaid dreams swoon! I am sharing all the resources I used to pull this together so you to can create something special for your next mermaid inspired event. And trust me, you will be doing a happy dance, because I am giving you SEVERAL FREEBIES in this post so be on the look out below!

Every year when my daughter Ella’s birthday comes around I take that opportunity to create a super fun party scene. This year my baby girl turned 3 and wanted a mermaid party. I loved the idea and really ran with it! In fact, I may have gone a bit over board, but that’s okay because I was getting in touch with my inner mermaid. Ha! Get it?! 🙂

Not only am I going to share with you how I created this look, but I am going to direct you to the shops that I found all these supplies AND you get to enjoy a FREE flower template, dress bodice, cake topper, seaweed cut files, and a few printables from Press Print Party. Yay!


The Printables

When I started thinking about how I wanted to create this theme and the colors, I knew it had to be vibrant. I teamed up with another blogger and creator, Nathalie, from Press Print Party who provided these amazing mermaid party printables for the photo shoot.

My favorite part about the mermaid printables was that I could customize them. Check out a few of my favorite pieces below. Aren’t they perfect for this theme?!



The Backdrop

The backdrop was the most time consuming part but it’s always worth it!

To create the backdrop I used the following supplies:

  • Wood backboard (or you can use a foam insulation board. If you want to attach straight to a wall you can do that too)
  • White fabric for the background and glitter tulle. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. To create it, I cut long pieces of tulle in a color pattern sequence and strung them together with twine using a large sewing needle.
  • Flower templates. If you love the look of this set I have it set up here! I also am gifting you a free template, Everly style for download!
  • Bubbles & seaweed ( Enlarge the bubbles from the cake topper freebie. Find it here)
  • Balloons in coordinating colors. Here is the shop I used. They have so many to choose from!

The Props

Finally, let me share the finishing touches that brought all of this together.


  • The cake topper was another key piece. This Under the Sea cake topper was designed by yours truly, and is completely FREE to you here! (personal use only please)
  • The mermaid dress. Full step by step tutorial and FREE dress bodice template! You can use this dress bodice with Everly flower freebie above or find the exact set of templates I used here.
  • Table skirt; one of my favorite pieces of the whole set up was this amazing table skirt that I found here. It looks like aqua seaweed floating in the ocean!
  • Honeycomb balls. I’m kinda obsessed with honeycomb balls. They naturally add this perfectly whimsical look to anything. So if you feel like something in missing just throw so honeycomb balls in and you’re all set!
  • Mermaid paper straws. I used some of Press Print Party’s shell and starfish printables on this mermaid color inspired paper straws. This Etsy shop, where I found them has a good selection!

  • The shell and starfish cushions. I fell in love with the online shop, Floor Bloom, where I found them. P.S they have several other floor cushions besides these!


  • The outfit: Finally my daughter Ella needed something to wear and when I found this mermaid dress on Amazon I knew it was the perfect one. I mean, did I luck out with those colors or what??!


Here is a little bonus. I made this short tutorial on a mermaid gift bag. This tutorial also has FREE seaweed printable and some starfish and shell printables from Press Print Party! That brings your freebie totally to five! Yay! Don’t forget to tag #DIYwithAbbi for a chance to have your creations featured! It truly warms my heart to see others enjoying my designs. 🙂

This is by far my most exciting and favorite party yet. Which items are your favorites? How would you pull together a mermaid paradise party? Tell me in the comments!

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